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International Peer Mentoring Program

Get Help and Have Fun!

What is the International Peer Mentoring Program?

The International Peer Mentoring Program is a team of IUPUI students that have volunteered their time to help new international students coming to IUPUI. The mentors are selected by the Office of International Affairs, and trained to assist new students in many areas such as:

  • Answering pre-arrival questions
  • Getting settled in Indianapolis
  • Finding your way around IUPUI and Indianapolis
  • Meeting people and getting involved on campus
  • Understanding American culture
  • Dealing with cultural adjustment
  • Understanding the system of education

All of these topics are very important to new students. Getting help will make your transition to IUPUI much easier, and you will have the chance to make many new friends through this program.

Who are the mentors?

IPMP mentors are IUPUI students just like you, but they have been studying at IUPUI for at least one year. Our mentors come from all over the world. Some are American, and many are international students themselves. Mentors join this program because they understand the challenges of living in a new place, and they want to help and make new friends.

How can I join?

To sign up for the International Peer Mentoring Program, go to the iStart Services Home Page (Limited Services) and use your student identification number and your date of birth to log in. Locate the "International Peer Mentor Program” tab under Admission and Orientation on the left hand side of the page. Simply fill out the form and submit it and the Office of International Affairs will receive your request.

Our mentors are organized into teams, so you will be assigned to a group of mentors who will cooperate to help you and the other new students in your group. Because you will be assigned to a group, you will have the chance to meet several of our mentors, and many new students, too.

If you have questions about the program, please contact the International Student Programming Assistant at